Audio Tracks

from our debut album, Molto Groovissimo

(Liner notes)

Fanfare Dix 

    Eric Alexander

Sunrise on Notre Dame    

     Steve Sherrill

Hungarian March     

     H. Berlioz, arr. Steve Sherrill

Once I Sought Thee in Doubt and Danger   

     V. Bellini, arr. Steve Sherrill


     Mark Williamson

Penny Day     

     Steve Williams

Duet for Alto Instruments     

     Mark Williamson

Just for Fun (Neo-Calypso)    

      Steve Sherrill

Prelude in E Major from Well-Tempered Clavier

     J.S. Bach, arr. Mark Williamson

Chorale Prelude on Bach's Christus der ist mein Leben

     Mark Williamson

Fugue in c minor

     Mark Williamson

Mark and Steve